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  • Respons 920

Respons 920


Trusted Performance

The respons®920 is a random access bench top analyzer with a true throughput of 200 tests/hour (360 tests/hour with ISE) irrespective of whether mono- or 2-component tests are performed.


With an on-board capacity of 30 different methods in mono- or twin containers, 30 sample plus nine positions for calibrators, controls or emergency samples, respons®920 offers almost unlimited flexibility in organizing laboratory workflows. Ready-to-use reagents, adapter free one-grip loading of reagent containers, integrated bar code reader for samples and reagents as well as an intuitive software interface ensues in an allround system for everyday use.


Not only is the reagent consumption low, but DiaSys reagents are also well-known for their long-term stability. Broad measuring ranges minimize the need for retesting.

Respons 920-145
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