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Hemodynamic Monitoring System

Complete Hemodynamic Monitoring System. The AESCULON™ provides a 12’’ high resolution color display that works as a comprehensive, standalone hemodynamic monitor. It provides a complete hemodynamic monitoring system that provides user-defined hemodynamic parameters. With the help of Masimo’s pulse oximetry chipset, the AESCULON™ is able to measure SpO2 and is equipped with a non-invasive blood pressure cuff, which allows for the measurement of systemic vascular resistance (SVR) with the input of Central Venous Pressure.

Furthermore, the AESCULON™ can be upgraded to include Masimo’s SET rainbow parameters, which measures absolute hemoglobin SpHB™. With the measurement of hemoglobin SpHB™, oxygen saturation SpO2, and cardiac output, the AESCULON™ is able to determine completely continuous and non-invasive measurement of Oxygen Deliver (DO2) and Oxygen Delivery Index (DO2I).

Comprehensive Analysis Screens

AESCULON™ comes equipped with a fluid management screen that can be used to target hemodynamic levels set by the physician during ionotropic and volume therapies in intraoperative and postoperative environments. This screen provides an easy to understand illustration of the hemodynamics of a patient, and continuously tracks the patient’s status toward the user defined goal of SV and MAP.

AESCULON™ also has the ability for user-defined trends of hemodynamic parameters. This allows for timely monitoring of hemodynamic changes throughout the course of treatment.

Unlimited Data Storage

AESCULON™, with virtually unlimited data storage, provides an ideal research and clinical monitor for tracking hemodynamics continuously over a period of time for numerous amounts of patients. Patient data is stored at user defined intervals, and can be recalled on both the AESCULON™ itself, or through Waveform Explorer™ software.


‧ Continuous monitoring of user-defined hemodynamic parameters
‧ 12’’ touch operated high resolution color display
‧ Non-invasive oscillometric blood pressure monitor
‧ Rechargeable battery backup for 20 minutes of operation
‧ USB interface for convenient backup of patient data and printing
‧ Operation with or without keyboard and mouse

Blood Flow / Electrical Cardiometry™

‧ Stroke Volume (SV) / Stroke Index (SI)
‧ Heart Rate (HR)
‧ Cardiac Output (CO) / Cardiac Index (CI)

Vascular System

‧ Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) measurement
‧ Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR/SVRI) based on input of Central Venous Pressure (CVP)


‧ Index of Contractility (ICON)
‧ Variation of Index of Contractility (VIC)
‧ Systolic Time Ratio (STR = PEP/LVET)

Fluid Status

‧ Thoracic Fluid Content (TFC)
‧ Stroke Volume Variation
‧ Dynamic Fluid Challenges
- Passive leg raising (PLR) tests
- Bolus fluid challenge tests

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