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Portable Noninvasive Cardiometer

The ICON CORE™ provide a convenient noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring (incl. Cardiac Output) in neonates, pediatrics, and adults. The ICON CORE™ is remotely operated from a Windows computer with the optimized iControl™ PC-software.


‧ Very small form factor
‧ Remote operation and data collection via touch optimized iControl™ PC-software
‧ Various interactive application screens
‧ Connectivity to any Windows All-in-One PC, Laptop or Tablet with touch display
‧ Patient data are recorded beat to beat for review and data export
‧ Rechargeable battery backup for 240 min. of operation
‧ Passive Leg Raise test procedure integrated
‧ HL7 communication protocol for connectivity to Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS)
‧ Interface to Philips IntelliVue and Dräger Infinity Gateway
‧ PDF status reports can be saved and printed

Blood Flow

‧ SV/SI Stroke Volume / Stroke Index
‧ HR Heart Rate
‧ CO/CI Cardiac Output /Cardiac Index

Vascular System

‧ SVR /SVRI Systemic Vascular Resistance/ SVR-Index based on input of MAP and CVP


‧ ICON™ Index of Contractility
‧ VIC™ Variation of Index of Contractility
‧ STR Systolic Time Ratio (PEP/LVET)
‧ CPI Cardiac Performance Index Oxygen Status

Fluid Status

‧ TFC Thoracic Fluid Content
‧ SVV Stroke Volume Variation
‧ FTC Corrected Flow Time

Oxygen Status

‧ DO2 / DO2I Oxygen Delivery / DO2-Index based on input of Hemoglobin and SpO2

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